Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Buy Too Much Stuff Part ∞

Thank goodness Christmas is over or else Santa would have given me a lump of coal! ;)

I've only been home two weeks and I've already accumulated so many products!

Ack, just look at my recent CVS haul!

Fear my shopping prowess!
But at least I hauled when CVS is having cra-zazy clearances to clear out the shelves! If you need more info on this, Gianna has the ultimate scoop.
I also took an increased interest in The Body Shop ever since I became obsessed with the unobtainable Sparkler. I picked up two amazing-smelling bottles of Pink Grapefruit shower gel at TJ Maxx and I was hooked! It's no longer just the shop that smells like orange Tic Tacs to me.  I went the actual storefront and took advantage of the post Christmas sales.

Utterly embarrassed about the terrible photo, sorry!

Yes, I needed to compile a spreadsheet of haulage.

Shopaholic that I am, you can bet I'll be back at the CVS for more!

I also got a package on New Year's Eve.

Oh, yes. I was able to ring in the New Year with the Naked Palette in hand! Their shipping is pretty darn fast, considering it was sent from Florida.

Some pics of my haul. It's the second time I've ever bought UD.

Naked Palette, Smoke Out Powder Eye Pencil in Maui Wowie, and Lipstick sample in Sellout
Lol, I don't have the Mini Primer Potion anymore, since my friend wanted to try it and I already have the professional size one.

The photo that has appeared on hundreds of beauty blogs, so nothing ground-breaking here.
It's such a surreal moment unpacking the box, since I've seen it so many times online, that I know exactly what it looks like: velvet-covered palette with magnetic closure. But with it being such an in-demand item, it's the first time I've ever seen one in real life. And it's all mine! Mwuahaha. :P

I bought a Smoke Out pencil, despite reading some pretty craptastic reviews on it on MUA. But a member said it works well wet, so I took the plunge.

Here is a comparison swatch!

Smoke Out Pencil in Maui Wowie: Left is wet swatch, right is dry swatch (lined several times)
As you can see, it is pathetically useless when applied dry. For the wet swatch, I just dipped the tip under running water and it gave a pretty smooth, pigmented line. The line takes some time to dry though. On the other side of the pencil is a sponge tip to smudge the eyeliner. I've never worked with wet eye products before, I'm excited! 

Forgive me for the slow updates, but it's so bothersome for me to take pictures and get ingredients for reviews. But I have some new posts lined up. Stay tuned!

Did you do a post-Christmas haul too? Your thoughts!


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