About Me

My name is Angelica and I am a beauty addict.

Why I Blog
I started blogging like most bloggers, by reading other people's blogs and commenting. Although it's super fun to comment and interact with the beauty community in this way, blogging gives me more control in terms of content.

I get to talk about what I love whenever I want and the random thoughts that pop into my head from time to time. I suspect my fellow beauty bloggers wouldn't appreciate me mind vomiting in their comments. ;)

So I've created my own wee offering in the form of this blog, Humble Skin.

I also get to play around with web design, skills that are nonexistent for me. Forgive me if the site looks silly from time to time!

What is Humble Skin?
It took me a while to come up with the name (surprising, I'm sure). I wanted a name that encapsulated my beauty philosophy: I want no-frills products that work and that won't leave me with no money left to eat (yes, I buy skincare first!). In other words, I'm a cheap, picky bastard, but Humble Skin sounded nicer. :P

After a bit of blogging, I found myself wanting to talk about more than how skincare and makeup work. I'm a late bloomer to Asian American activism and feminist issues and I will like to discuss issues surrounding being an Asian American and a feminist and a beauty blogger. I'm sure some readers will find these topics too heavy or that they are not interested. I feel some obligation to stay "on topic."  I will try to keep the posts predominantly review-focused but I feel these issues are relevant to the beauty community and I want to discuss them..

Besides this, I also like writing about random pieces from my life. I'll leave the non-beauty posts under the cut, so they'll be easily accessible but not dominating.

Who is Angelica?
By day, I'm a college student majoring in psychology and Chinese and by night... I'm still a college student but I read a lot more beauty blogs!

Beyond fawning over myself in the bathroom mirror, I also like to cook, watch TV (too stingy for movies), read cookbooks, and sleeping (the favorite activity of all undergrads). :D


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