Monday, March 21, 2011

Eastward Bound!

At this moment, I am sitting and typing in SFO, waiting for my flight to JFK at 10:30.

I am really sorry for my absence! I say this a lot, but this semester has been soo draining so far. Not a week passes without a test, group project, or long essay. :/ So this is why people don't take 19 units a semester!

My self-enforced beauty budget has been cutting down on the addiction. I might not buy anything, even if there's a great sale or the alluring words "limited edition". To be honest, a little of my interest has died. I see my many drawers of makeup and skincare unused (and maybe they will stay that way) and it makes me feel ashamed. Before my budget cap, I think I spent more on makeup than food! :o

But that's not to say I'm over makeup. I still love reading blogs and writing about it. I think my focus will be broader. I will start writing about older products that I have been using and already have. I am also interested in DIY and will blog about my attempts in formulating skincare. I would also like to make soap once a month and show it to y'all. Be kind, I'm an uber noob still! :)

I also started making over my mom and introducing her to cosmetics. At -redacted out of fear- years old, my mother still knows little about using makeup and skincare. I like helping her since I can unload some products I haven't been using and learn more about working on aging skin. Figuring out how to cover age spots, matching foundations and looking for primers to help with deep-set wrinkles have been new and exciting challenges for me. By teaching someone else how to use makeup, I'm actually getting better! :)

I'm glad to spending the week in NYC to unwind. I might do some hauling for Ben Nye and NYX, as it seems to be more plentiful there. Mostly I'll be chowing down on great food and trying to walk it off, lol. 

Any and all suggestion for activities, dining, or makeup shops etc. will be greatly appreciated! If anyone wants to meet up in NYC, I'm game. :)

Thanks and have a lovely week!
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