Sunday, December 26, 2010

Current Obsession: Shimmer Atomizers

I hope everyone had a good Christmas!

This winter, I've been dangerously addicted to bulb atomizers that disperse shimmer powder. 

All thanks or no thanks to Muse.

She reviewed The Body Shop's The Sparkler ($18) and I was hooked! Something about 10g pink shimmer stored in a vintage-looking bulb atomizer in a frosted bottle made me gasp.

The bad boy that started it all.
I don't know why I was so smitten. I have never been a fan of shimmer off my eyelids. I've gone out of my way to avoid the sparkle. It's pretty much the attitude of the makeup blogosphere: avoid the disco ball look. I've stuck to my mattes time and time again. The powder is also scented with Cherry Blossom. If there's anything in makeup I usually hate besides shimmer, it's scent. Covergirl's baby powder smell makes me gag. I can't believe I might be rocking the shimmery, scented look!

But this holiday season is all about the glitzy look. Looking a like a vampire in the sun is great for Christmas and New Year Eve's parties. I want it mostly for the luxe atomizer bulb, I love that you can apply shimmer without a brush ever touching your face!

So I strove like mad to find The Sparkler in stores. I called all the stores in SF and the greater Bay Area. But they were all sold out, a few of them told me that it's been sold out nationwide. It's a cruel psychological effect that you want something even more now that it's unattainable. :P 

Bah, I found out soon after that it wasn't that innovative. Perhaps my beloved Sparkler took inspiration from a Guerlain powder?

Definitely a worthy substitute.
Guerlain has released powder atomizers for the holiday season for the past few years. Guerlain Or Imperial Sublime Radiant Powder Face & Body ($85) is the latest offering. The gorgeous glass atomizer with a bee-etched design stores 10g of violet-scented gold shimmer. Too bad the price is terrifying. I just really like the bottle! Maybe when I'm the type who buys Guerlain.

Or maybe The Sparkler is The Body Shop's version of Tarina Tarantino's Sparklcity Sparkle Dust ($39).

Looks similar!
It also comes in a gold version!
It's definitely a better deal than Guerlain and you get 2 more grams. Still, too rich for my blood.

Muse tried to lure me into Team Sparkle again when she reviewed Fusion Beauty Objects of Desire Virtual Powder in Opulent. It's an iridescent shimmer!

I don't like the bottle design as much as the others.
 Unfortunately, it's the same price of Tarina Tarantino's but you only get 5.5g.

Finally I came across the one that makes me want to get my haul on. Bare Minerals offers a limited edition (I hate that word) shimmer atomizer called Body Lingerie.

Lol, I hear angels sing when I look at this.
It's in a frosted bottle, which I love. Though it's not the pink shimmer I lusted for, I'll get 20g of awesome vanilla-scented gold shimmer. That's more than the other bottles! And for $29, which is cheaper than most of them! And now it's on sale, so I can buy it for $22 online. I'm damn happy that I finally found a suitable alternative. I'm thinking of refilling it with pink shimmer powder, if and when I empty it. 

Are you in love with shimmer atomizers too? Any ones I've missed? Tried any of these? Your thoughts! 


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