Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sighting at Walgreens: wet N wild 2011 Collection! UPDATED

UPDATE: Gianna has posted reviews on most of these products, so I have included links below each product.

I wanted to shake off the holiday lethargy, so I walked to the Big Three drugstores: CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. Each store was stocking the new collections. Rite Aid and CVS weren't that exciting since they just stocked the new CoverGirl and L'oreal collections. But Walgreens had something awesome.

I saw this end cap. 

Oh yeeeh
I was shocked since I didn't expect to see the new collection so soon. I had only just heard of it from Gianna.

Here are some close-ups. 

(L-R): Color Icon Eye Pencil, Shimmer Eye Pencil, Glassy Gloss Lip Gel
Color Icon Eye Pencil (L-R): Olive, Green (teal color), Purple, Amethyst. Learn more here.
Shimmer Eye Pencil: Black, Blue (navy color), Copper, Silver. Learn more here.

A whole lotta glass puns
Glassy Gloss Lip Gel (L-R): This Too Shall Glass (pink), Glass is in Session (strawberry pink), Glass Confusion (cool pink), Mow the Glass (peachy pink), Through the Looking Glass (clear), 3, 2, 1, Glass-t off! (Red). Learn more here.

Not too sure what the missing mascaras were
Mascaras (L-R): Megalash Clinical Serum in Clear and Very Black; Megalength mascara in very black (water proof)

Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio
Learn more here. I was most excited by these new additions. This why I took closeups of each shade. :)

Spoiled Brat
Silent Treatment
I Dream of Greenie (Luusting after this!)
I Got Good Jeans
I'm Feeling Retro
I'm Getting Sunburned
Now for the polishes!

Fast Dry Nail Color
Top Row (L-R): Teal of Fortune (shimmer), The Gold and the Beautiful (shimmer), Everybody loves Redmond (cream) x 2, Sage in the City (chrome) x 2, Saved by the Blue (electric blue chrome), Hana Pinktana (purpley shimmer), Teal or No Deal (chrome)

Bottom Row (L-R): How I Met Your Magenta (hot pink cream), Fuschiarama (cream), Silvivor (silver chrome), Sagreena the Teenage Witch (chrome emerald), Ebony Hates Chris (cream black), (shimmer), Blue Wants to Be a Millionaire (shimmer grayish blue), Buffy the Violet Slayer (chrome violet), The Wonder Yellows (chrome) 

Learn more here and here

If you're wondering, yes I did type out all these names on my phone, so I could post it. That's how much I love my readers! :D

Gianna is the wet N wild ambassador, so she gets access to these products first, lucky duck! She says she will post a comprehensive review on the 2011 collection tonight, so watch for her post on Nouveau Cheap. I know I'll be waiting to hear what she says.

I didn't get anything yet from the collection, despite loving the bold new eyeshadow palettes. I'm sitting on a good sale, since it's not limited edition. 

What about y'all? Did anything catch your eye? Tried something already? Your thoughts!


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