Monday, December 6, 2010

New information for the Estee Lauder Coach bag purchase with fragrance purchase

After my brutal Coach bag experience, I gave up on ever buying it. But I was shopping in SF this past weekend and I saw the Coach bag purchase with fragrance purchase in store!

There were boxes upon boxes of the Coach PWP at the Macy's store in Union Square.
I don't think there's any fear of it selling out anytime soon at that branch. Check it out if you're interested in the red bag! I snatched this up, because I thought it would be the only store that carried the bag in-store.

Ha, but I was wrong!

Bloomingdales in SF Centre also had the gold bag in stock!
Lol, I quickly returned the one from Macy's since I thought the red one might be a bit young for my mom.

I tried Nordstroms in SF Centre too, but there was no sign of the platinum bag. But I'm not sure if the other Nordstrom's will be carrying it.

Dillard's online carries the PWP, though it's on backorder. But at least you can still buy it! Click here to order. You can also check your local Dillard's to see if they have it in-store.
The shades of cosmetics between each set seems to vary, but I doubt anyone is buying the bag for the make-up, lol.

As for your fragrance with purchase, it looks like you'll have to spend at least $28 on fragrance. I tried all the fragrances to pick one, and I really loved Beautiful. It's a rich, mature, floral scent that reminds me of jasmine. Perfect for younger or older ladies. Beautiful in .5 oz. retails $29.50. Make sure you get the .5 oz. and not the 1 oz, the 1 oz. costs $48.50! I accidentally bought that one. *Shudders* You best believe I'll be trading that one in for a smaller size. :P
Tip: Gift wrapping for Estee Lauder is complimentary. Get it wrapped if you plan on giving it as a gift! 

Think she'll like it?
Will you be hauling this? Which one do you like? Your thoughts!


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