Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rock & Republic Collective Haul and Review

Sorry for the delay in reviewing! Midterm season is well upon me. :/


My R&R haul actually turned into three hauls. Funny how that can happen. ;)

I got my first four blushes (Immoral, X-Rated, Kinky, and All Nighter). I loved them so much that...

I set about getting more. But they were all sold out online by the time I was ready to order again. I managed to snag the last Bedroom for haul #2 when they restocked a few colors mid-September. 

Finally, I went to Los Angeles on a spontaneous weekend getaway with bf in late September. We decided to stop by the R&R freestanding store on Robertson. To my shock, they had the entire makeup line and they were all 50% off. Unfortunately, the much-coveted Call Me shade was unsurprisingly sold out. But I managed to snag Foreplay, Tease, Spank, and Lust at half price. :D 

 My R&R haulage from LA. The bag is with my LA bestie since she liked it so much, lol.

So, I give you,

The Blushes

Like everyone has said, the packaging is super luxe. Of course, that means bulky. It's in a round cardboard box that is triple the size of the blush. It's actually not that large or heavy. It's definitely larger than your typical blush, but not much larger than a foundation compact. 

 They all come with a plastic sheet cover. I still kept them, because I don't want to throw away anything. These are my first high end cosmetics, lol. I'm such a virgin. :P

This is the coveted R&R blush after Call Me, according to MUA. It's already sold out on the R&R site, even after the sale was over. I definitely had high expectations in buying this. I'm sorry to say that it's just hype for me. This matte baby pink blush was definitely pigmented, but not as much as the other blushes. The lasting powder is not as good. You can definitely find something similar for cheaper.  I've adjusted the lighting in the pics to reflect the true color to the best of my ablities. 

I don't understand why this blush doesn't get much love. A lot of people think it's too dark. But it's perfect for my skin, giving my cheeks a walking-in-the-cold flush! It's a beautiful matte, berry  color.

I think this is comparable to Spank, but I definitely prefer this. It looks like a light lavender, but it goes on more as a cool pink. It has better lasting powder and shows up better on my skin. I like it. 

 I got this just because I can't resist orange blushes. This has more of a hint of red than Immoral. It's gorgeous, and the shimmers are very subtle. I still prefer matte blushes. But I definitely like this. 
A close-up of All Nighter so you can see the shimmers, very finely milled

I got this, because jessicalee422 said it was a matte version of Call Me. It's a gorgeous subtle peachy pink color that is buildable. I LOVE it. 

I got this because Pink said it was an awesome peach matte blush. It's a pretty peachy brown color, but I definitely could have duped it for cheaper. I like it.  

People seem really fascinated with this shocking pink color. It's definitely a sheer, true highlighter pink in the pan. Honestly, it doesn't show up that well on my skin. The color is nothing special once it's on the skin.  

 This is shimmery, rosy brown color. It's a bit dark on my skin, but with a light hand it makes a wonderfully glowy cheek for a nighttime look. I'm sure people with a darker complexion will give it more love than I can.    

I got this because Tao loved it. And I am sooo glad I did! It is a-mah-zing! It is construction-worker orange in the pan, but a strong coral matte on my cheeks. This is definitely the R&R blush I can't live without.


 My Final Thoughts

Leave: Spank, Kinky

Try: Tease, Foreplay, All Nighter, Lust

Haul: Immoral, X-Rated, Bedroom

Despite some meh's, I definitely don't regret my purchases, but it'll be a while before I buy something that expensive again. My wallet's still hemorrhaging blood, lol. 

Let me know what you thought of the blushes! :D


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