Thursday, October 14, 2010

Daamn, R&R Sale Back with a Vengeance / How to Buy 2 R&R Blushes for $18.16 or Less

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in with the infamous sale!

It's back, hide your wallet!
The best part is you can stack a $25 credit on top of the 50% off you'll receive for signing up with R&R after you have been referred by someone else. For people who have been having issues with using the $25 credit, myself included, it seems that the R&R site has fixed that bug and the $25 credit will show up in checkout, where it previously disappeared.

I just completed my last R&R blush haul by buying Shameless and Seduce tonight for $18.16. You can buy them for even less, if you don't live in California since they won't charge you sales tax.

I was referred by Tao and that how I found out about this fabulous offer. I'd be happy to refer you. I would get a $25 credit if you make a purchase. You could also ask Tao, since she should get the credit for informing me of the ingenious savings idea. For some reason, she deleted that post.  

The cosmetic line must be really in trouble, if the sale has been on-and-off. So I guess haul while this still exists, if you're interested. You could also wait for the designer sales sites to restock them, but the $.99 shipping and $25 credit is pretty handy. At this moment, all blushes except Call Me (of course) and Spank are in stock.  Click here to see the blushes.

If you would like a referral, comment on this post with your email. I've set commenting to mandatory moderation, so I will delete your email after I sign you up for a referral and it will not be visible to others.

I think this might be my last post on R&R since it's saturated my blog for a while... unless something crazy happens. Let me know if you would like a review on Shameless and Seduce.

Happy Hauling!


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