Saturday, February 5, 2011

wNw 8-Pan Palettes Have FINALLY Arrived!

This is not a test. REPEAT. This is not a test.

I've been lurking around my local Walgreens almost everyday waiting for the new wet N wild 8-Pan palettes to drop. I swear the store manager knows me by face: the weirdo who takes a spin around the beauty aisle and leaves 30 seconds later, looking disappointed. :P

Anyway, tonight I was walking in SF (I have the best drugstore luck there!) and popped into Walgreens to see if they maybe just maybe would pop up.

And there they were:   

Just ignore the ludicrous markup they have for the Color Icon Trio (It is the city after all)

Still untouched, a full set (two of each), calling out to be mine.

Here's a close-up:

WANTED: New or Used!!! Just kidding, I'm going to need them new. :P
So did I haul them? Empty the shelves, then smuggle them to my dark cave, where I would caress the cases and purr unceasingly: Precioussss, My Precioussss?

Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately) no. I've set a beauty budget of $40 a month and I've already blown through $22. I don't know what sales await me this month so I'm hesitant to purchase right now. I'm hoping for a good wet N wild sale at Walgreens (50% off, pretty please?) before I'll decide to partake. Even though they're still quite affordable at $4.99 apiece (I'm shocked that the SF Walgreens didn't put a crazy markup on it), these palettes' spots in the permanent rack let me know that they'll be restocked, so I can bide my time for increased savings!

Read Gianna's epic review on these palettes and you'll understand why people are lemming these like rabid groupies (i.e. me)!

How about you? Will you purchase right away or wait on a good sale? Your thoughts!


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