Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts Don't Break Even: Stila and Physicians Formula Heart Blush Comparison

Happy Valentine's Day!

In honor of this blessed/dreaded holiday, I'll be comparing the two heart blushes rocking the blogosphere this season.

My newest blush acquisition!

Stila's Make Me Blush Palette
I got this last week and I had been waiting patiently for it ever since it got Muse's seal of approval and picked up for 20% off plus free shipping too. Who can resist that?!

Admire it with me! Close-up of the gorgeous-ness. 

Hommina hommina
Top off

So much prettier than actual candy hearts
The gold overspray just comes right off! A reviewer dreamyone on Sephora said it would make a great eyeshadow. I tried it and it was gorgeous! Here's a swatch.

It's a beautiful vibrant, orange-y gold shimmery color. If you want the gold color without the blush, Prestige's eyeshadow in Golden Retriever is an exact match. 

And now a comparison swatch with Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Natural. I have a separate review for the PF blush. Check it here
See how the Stila blush looks kinda funky in this pic? I dropped it and part of it fell off. :/ It has fake overspray, but I shed real tears!
Here's an indoor swatch.

As you can see, the two blushes are in the same fresh, pink-y shade family. However, Stila definitely has a strong hint of reddish coral.

Swatch in sunlight

The two look even more similar in daylight, but Stila is more pigmented. However, that may or may not be a good thing for you. Stila is a bit harder to work with, I often have to buff it out even after a light application. PF is foolproof.
Blushes blended out

Blended out, they look even more similar, but no dupe. Looking closely, there's a noticeably heavier shimmer in Stila, but nothing too crazy.

As for logistics: 
Price: Stila retails $14 (there was a coupon code for at least 20% off online), PF $11.99 (but there's coupons and sales).
Where to buy: Stila is available online on Sephora, Stila, and Macys, though Sephora and Stila are out of stock right now. It's probably available at retail locations of these stores. I've seen the PF blushes in cardboard display stands at CVS and Rite Aid, though there's only two of each blush shade in each stand. 
Availability: Stila is limited edition (words I can't resist!). And PF is permanent for now. 
Size: Stila is 9.9g and PF is 7g. 

I'm glad I picked up both. They're not so similar that I have buyer's 'morse for getting both.

What about you? Which one do you like? Would you get both? Your thoughts!


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