Monday, July 26, 2010

Review for Deonatulle Deodorant Soft Stone M & W: for Picky Pits

Sorry for the slow in blogging! It's been stressful lately, but it's all over now, so I'm back! :)

I want to start this review with a confession: I am a super sweaty woman. Not only that ordinary drugstore doesn't work for me, but I simply can't use it. I really detest that most of the deodorant companies (Secret, Degree, etc.) in recent years have switched solely to antiperspirant versions. My problem with antiperspirant is that it contains Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly, which causes yellow armpit stains on clothing, which CANNOT be washed out. I wasted a few good tops this way in my teenage years. So I've avoided antiperspirants ever since and have been looking for a suitable substitute.

I spent a chunk of cash at Whole Foods using natural deodorants (Tom's, and Crystal), none of which were effective. I sweat a lot, and after an hour of sweating, no amount of the natural deodorants I bought could stop or cover up my nasty sweat. I needed to reapply constantly. I also tried some men's deodorants from mainstream companies (for some reason the companies kept deodorant versions for men, go figure) with the same result.

Flash forward to a year ago. I was wandering the aisles of Ichiban Kan, and I came upon the display for Deonatulle. I was shocked by what I thought were ridiculous prices for deodorant. I spent a good part of my time there mocking the price, wondering who would be silly enough to spend that much money on just deodorant... then bought one at the last moment out of curiosity and impulse, lol.

Deonatulle Deodorant Soft Stone Double M
potassium alum, o-cymen-5-ol, tannic acid, scutellaria baicalensis root extract, sophora angustifolia root extract, spearmint oil, menthol, menthoxypropanediol, squalane, silica, hydrogenated castor oil, cyclopentasiloxane, PPG-14 butyl ether, sorbitan sequiisostearate, stearyl alcohol, butylated hydroxytoluene

Deonatulle Deodorant Soft Stone Double W
potassium alum, o-cymen-5-ol, menthol, hydrogenated castor oil, cyclopentasiloxane, PPG-14 butyl ether, sorbitan sequiisostearate, stearyl alcohol, butylated hydroxytoluene
Ingredient ♥

Experience: I tried it out of curiosity and was not expecting much besides a waste of money. I was soo surprised by its effects! I apply deodorant in the morning, before I get dressed. Using this deodorant keeps me dry and odorless all day, no need to reapply. I was definitely impressed that this deodorant had antiperspirant effects on me. Of course, it's not magic. After 24 hours, I'll start to sweat and develop odor, even if I reapply. So it's not a cure to needing a shower, if that's what you're after! ;)
The deodorant claims to have no colorants or fragrance. But it had a slight minty scent, kinda like toothpaste. I like it!

It's slightly harder to apply than regular deodorant, it doesn't glide as easily. But you just need to press a little harder and it'll work.
I bought the men's one (M version), because I think that men's deodorant would be stronger, which I definitely need, haha. I also like the herbal extracts that are in the men's one. The second time, I bought the women's version, because the men's version was sold out. I found out that the women's version worked just as well. I still prefer the men's version, because the label is printed on, not stuck on. It's more fancy! Haha. But if you can only find the women's version, I still recommend it. This is my HG deodorant.

Cost-effectiveness: Depends. It costs $11.99 at Ichiban Kan for 20g. It'll last you about six months, if you apply it everyday. If you have pit issues like me, it might end up your HG too. But if regular deodorant/antiperspirant works for you and doesn't stain your clothes, stay put! Save your money for something you need.

A finished tube vs. an almost-new one. Don't worry, it's actually enough for six months!

Availability: Within the Bay Area, I've only seen this at the San Francisco Ichiban Kan in terms of Japanese stores. There's online retailers, but only Ichiban Kan is selling for as low as $11.99. Other retailers on the web are selling it for about $20, which is exorbitant! Good luck with the search for it. Let me know if you find it somewhere else for really cheap! I need to stock up. :)


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