Thursday, May 19, 2011

Champagne and Beer Haul

A few days ago, I ventured out to Kiehl's for a pricey purchase. I have been trying to put off buying, because I thought it was way too much for the quantity. Though I'm cheap first and vain second, my paranoia over my aging undereye area sent me to seek out pricier solutions. 

I've been on the lookout for a high spf eye cream since forever. I'm all about high sun protection, I never leave the house without spf 70 slathered on my face. But I've been neglecting my eyes. Bad Angelica! 

If it helps, my excuse is that there doesn't seem  to be any versions in the drugstores. Nothing goes above spf 15. Revlon Age Defying concealer goes to spf 25, but I just want an eye cream. 

There doesn't seem to be too many options in high-end either. There's Shiseido's Sun Protection Eye Cream 32 PA+++, but at $32.50 daaamn! I'll go broke if I paid over $1 per spf point for my sun protection. There's also Lancome's Bienfait Multi-Vital Eye SPF 28 Sunscreen, but it's even more expensive ($38)! Clarins' Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care SPF 30 is slightly cheaper at $28. 
Kiehl's Ultra Moisturizing Eye Stick SPF 30 won out by being the cheapest ($20), which is what I ended up with. A solid sunscreen in a lipstick tube is definitely the most unique application of the options. 

But ick, $20 for 4g is still really pricey! I got a free sample of Midnight Recovery Concentrate, but it doesn't help. 

The next night I went to Grocery Outlet. Haha, a complete 180 right? And picked up these lovelies. 

St. Ives Warming Scrub $2.49
Petal Fresh Pomegranate & Raspberry Whitening Firming Anti Wrinkle Cream $1.99
Petal Fresh Avocado & Green Tea Whitening Detoxifying Facial Clay Masque $1.99
Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure Oil-free Detoxifying Cream Cleanser $2.99

I know that these products are incomparable to sunblock, which is an absolute necessity under the California sun. But look how much I saved! Plus for the remaining money of one eye cream, I was able to buy this. 

Yes, I'm mad serious about my fiber, in case you were wondering. 
I can afford to eat! This is why I love shopping thriftily.

Grocery Outlet + Moi = <3 

Do you mix high-end and bargains too? 


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