Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I've been up to

Hi peeps,

I know I've been MIA all summer. I can make excuses and apologize all day long, but truthfully I needed the break. Sometimes life just happens.

Why I temporarily quit the blogosphere:

-I needed to focus on my two summer classes (needed to turn them into GPA boosters and not killers).

-My paternal grandmother died in late July. She had been sick since early June and in and out of the hospital for dialaysis. Although she and I were not that close in recent years, her death took a toll on me. It was surreal how busy I felt handling this along with school. The morning she died, I had to go back the college and study for a midterm the following Monday. Her funeral was held the weekend before finals. Sometimes I felt too busy to grieve. I hope I didn't overshare. I've always meant for this blog to be anonymous but still personal.

-Had to study for the GRE. Unwisely signed up for one four days after my last final. Also didn't realize the test was 4.5 hours and not 3 hours until I was taking it. Clearly, I was well prepared for it, lol.

-General rush of preparing for the fall start of school-- signing up for classes, asking for letters of rec, talking to advisors, interviewing for research positions. Soo not ready to be a senior, but here I am! Oh crap.

-Just vegging out while I still can. I highly recommend it. :)

This has been a crazy summer. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming!


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