Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sightings: New Rimmel Products

Last week, I did my regular walk through CVS and found some new (to me, anyway) Rimmel goodies. 

There's a new Rimmel foundation on the shelves, Rimmel Clean Finish. It was only $4.99. That's really cheap! Not sure how it performs though. 

I think it retails $7.79
 Now we know why Sexy Curves mascaras were all on sale during the last CVS clearance. The newest addition to the Sexy Curves family is Sexy Curves Full Body Mascara. Looks like the new one is all about upping the volume. I haven't had the best luck with Rimmel mascara, so I'll be watching for other people's reviews first

I haven't kept up with sightings as much. Even though I do see new products, take pictures, I'm a lazy mofo when it comes to uploading. :P Let me know if I should keep this up!

Would you like to see more Sightings?

Did any of these products pique your interest? Your thoughts!


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